Making puppets

We created puppets for the last stop motion shot we had to do. I thought about what kind of animation I want, and plan what parts I need. I research the animals anatomy as well.


I drew the lines on the paper first and my group mates help me to cut it.

We used water colour to paint the puppets. Since I wanted to put very detailed pattern on them, I needed a lot of help.

Building a multiplane

For this project, I really wanted to try using multiplane for the stopmotion shot. However, because we did not have any multiplane in our studio, I had to build one from scratch. So I went to the internet and found some images of handmade multiplanes. I measure the camera stand we had at the studio and planned how big it should be based on it.

I had to have an induction in order to use the wood workshop at school. Then I bought all the materials, and built the frame.

Finally I god two acrylic sheets and put them in the frame.

I was able to animate on it when I did a test animation with one puppet, but after we made all the puppet for the shot, it was too difficult to put all the paper puppetsin only two layers. So I bought two more frames and  create the depth that I wanted.


Insipiration for ENO project

I went to the British Museum to get some inspiration for the English National Opera project this weekend. Since I have chosen to use paper cut stop motion technique for some shots in my film, I need to start makin an paper cut puppets for the shots with inside the ark next week. I am still thinking what kind of character design I want in my film. I was inspired by the ancient sculptures from Middle East, China, paintings from Japan. Especially for the god Hara tee in my film, it was great to see how different countries picture the god.


Enki Bilal, The Knight of French Science Fiction

Enki Bilal is a French comic book artist/Filmmaker. Born in 1951 in Belgrade from a Yugoslavic family, Bilal moves to France at the age of 10. Remembering the misery of his childhood in Communist Yugoslavia, Bilal’s work mainly resides on critics of totalitarian regimes and Science-Fiction.


I find Bilal’s artwork beautiful, the colour blue is always present in all of his characters and stories especially on his female character who will often have blue hair, blue lips or both. In 2004, Bilal manage to find the funds to direct Immortal, a Science-Fiction/Apocalyptic love story based on his own comic book with the same title. Bilal using his comic as storyboard for his movie, the movie composition is incredible and we have this distinct graphic feeling throughout the whole movie.

You have to understand that dispite having a real identity in the comic book world with Enki Bilal, René Laloux, Jean Giraud, Alejandro Jodorowsky,  etc…French Science-Fiction is almost non existent. And Bilal is one of the very few filmmakers with Luc Besson and Michel Gondry who will fight for the right for Science Fiction to be more present in France.

My Very First Showreel

Here is my very first animation showreel I made with mainly from the animation exercises from 1 year unit 1. I made this for applying for internships in the summer holiday, and also for a self-reflection when I finished the term. It was a good opportunity for me to think about what I’ve learned so far since I started this course,and style has developed. It has been such a busy term that I did not have time to revisit my work.  The oldest animation I did in this showreel is the polar bear walk cycle I have put in the end. The latest animation is probably the under water animation with a lot of sea creatures I did for the second year student Ines’s grad film. I want to believe I improved..


Benji Davies, The Colours of Childhood

I am in love with the work of Benji Davis, He is one of the reasons I wish to work in the UK. His characters and concepts work so well in animation, mostly because of the colour he uses. Davies works mainly digitally, that allows him to really control his colour palette. My favourite book of his must be Grandpa’s Island and it is the most colourful book he has ever done which is quite particular because Grandpa’s Island mostly talks about the grief of the little boy after his grandfather passed away. Here is an animated trailer for his latest book The Storm Whale in Winter:


time is moving too fast

The Children’s Society Project was launched just after the Easter holiday. We’ve done pitches to the Children’s Society, finished storyboarding, and next week we are going to show them our finished animatics. This is the first time I make an animated short film properly and everything we’ve done so far is so new to me. It’s also challenging because we’re not just making animations for yourself but the client! I feel like time is moving so fast for the past few weeks.

My 1-min audio that has been given by The Children’s Society was about how they are helping the young people in the organization which is narrated by one of the workers. Since there is no any story in the audio, I thought this would be quite easy at the beginning. (It was not) I was thinking about how I can convey this audio with my animation in an effective way during the holiday and came up with this idea of making the young people in the film gigantic. This is a drawing of my really initial idea I did for send to The Children’s Society.

I’m not going to write the whole synopsis of my film here, but I was very relieved when I got replied from them which said they really liked my idea.

Last Monday, we showed our rough animatic in front of the class and the tutors. It was really really good to see what everyone’s working on and the ideas I saw on the pitches have started to look like films! I’m extremely nervous about my own film and wishing I could stop the time for a while, on the other hand, I can’t wait to see everyone else’s completed films in 7weeks time.

A Child’s Metaphysics – Koji Yamamura


In this animated short “A Child’s Metaphysics”, Koji Yamamura represents the crazy imagination of children with his unique animation style and reminds us what it is to be a child.

This is composed with a series of very short animations, and each animation has a different child in it.  One child’s head is filled with numbers, another’s head turned into a giant book, another child forces their sad face turn into a smily face, another catches their own tears in a glass and put it inside their body, another character has an endless zipped mouth and can’t say anything, while another child tries to fit into a different shapes that is getting smaller.

Children are the constant subject in his animation. He has published many children book,  he has made some animation for children, and in his masterpiece , “Kafka’s A Country Doctor”, there is a sick boy who wants to die.

Koji Yamamura is one of my favourite Japanese animators of all time. He is probably known for his award-winning film “Mt. Head”.  However, in this animation “A Child’s Metaphysics” with his such a simple style, he made me realise this is what only animation can do.



Recruit Rhapsody

This is a final film that is made by an animator Maho Yoshida when she was a student at Tokyo University of Arts. I saw this film for the first time when I was a 2 year at my previous university, and I believe seeing this animation was part of why I decided not to look for a job like this. How Japanese students find their jobs in the final year of universities is shown very realistically in this Animation and I remember it became a viral hit between young recruits in the recruitment season.

After I did a facial expression exercise in this course, I rewatched this animation and amazed how expressive the characters in this animation are. She managed to show complex expressions and emotions without any lines. Especially the smiles they make at the recruiting fair scene always gives me goose bumps.

Octocat Adventure

Octocat Adventure is the series of animation that David OReilly has posted on youtube pretending as a 14 year-old boy Randy Peters.  Everyone believed that this is created by a little kids by the rough drawing that looks like it’s illustrated using MS Paint the drawing software everyone has used when their kids with terrible voice-over. the story is about Octocat’s quest to find his parents.

In the last episode of the series, OReilly revealed that it is not a child’s work by changing the medium to 3D. I saw this films at OReilly’s talk at the London International Animation Festival for the first time, but I thought I would have believed it was made by a child and empathised with the story if I find it on youtube.

About this project, he says

“…you’ve all proved one vitally important point: audiences don’t need polished, slick animation to find a story engaging. They are happy to follow the worst animated, worst designed and worst dubbed film of all time, and still laugh and cry and do all the things you do watching a so-called “high end” film.”

I think what he wanted to prove with this project apply to most of his work as well. For instance, one of his early work “RGB XYZ”

I’ve always interested in his work not only because of the way he uses 3D graphics in his animation but his perversity, and knowing about this project made me interested in his work more.



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