Yoko Kuno

First of all, I would like introduce her graduation film this animator Yoko Kuno created when she was studying at Tama Art University (2012).

When I saw this animation for the first time, I was amazed by how she manage the camera movement with her constant morphing style.

She spent 1 year and a half, and has done over 3000 drawings by herself for this animation. For this graduation film, she also contacted the singer Cuushe asking to use her music in the film. After completed the film, they’ve collaborated throughout the years as Cuushe loved Kuno’s work so much. 

Kuno designed the cover for her albums and even another music video for Cuushe’s latest album.

She has experimented rotoscoping in this music video, and I was very surprised by the shift of the live action footage to her stylized character animation.