Chubby cat

I think chubby cats have the most adorable shapes of all time.

This is a cat running cycle I did for one of our assignments.  I’ve chosen one of my mum’s cats in Japan for a model of the character.  I also grew up with many cats when I was small, and it was really fun to animate something you know how they move from heart, because sometime it is the hardest thing to animate something you can’t imagine how they move.

However, I thought it is a bit boring to animate my cat straightforward, so I put butterfly wings on its back. I tried to make it look like it is floating in the air a bit.

ShiShi Yamazaki


I’ve always thought rotoscope is a lazy method to make an animation, but ShiShi Yamazaki’s animation made me think that there is a good way to use rotoscope.

She developed her watercolour hand-drawn rotoscoped animation when she was learning in Tokyo University of the Arts. Her animation has always ShiShi herself dancing with most of the time half-naked in it. I love her unique movement and dance, the transition of the scenes and the way the character translate into abstract shapes

Her work also appears in a lot of commercials, such as Shiseido, Chanel, Prada.

This is the video she made for Chanel starring Cara Delevingne last year, and below is the video of how she directed the animation for Chanel.  After knowing how she animated all the frames with watercolour, I could never say rotoscope is lazy.