Recruit Rhapsody

This is a final film that is made by an animator Maho Yoshida when she was a student at Tokyo University of Arts. I saw this film for the first time when I was a 2 year at my previous university, and I believe seeing this animation was part of why I decided not to look for a job like this. How Japanese students find their jobs in the final year of universities is shown very realistically in this Animation and I remember it became a viral hit between young recruits in the recruitment season.

After I did a facial expression exercise in this course, I rewatched this animation and amazed how expressive the characters in this animation are. She managed to show complex expressions and emotions without any lines. Especially the smiles they make at the recruiting fair scene always gives me goose bumps.

Octocat Adventure

Octocat Adventure is the series of animation that David OReilly has posted on youtube pretending as a 14 year-old boy Randy Peters.  Everyone believed that this is created by a little kids by the rough drawing that looks like it’s illustrated using MS Paint the drawing software everyone has used when their kids with terrible voice-over. the story is about Octocat’s quest to find his parents.

In the last episode of the series, OReilly revealed that it is not a child’s work by changing the medium to 3D. I saw this films at OReilly’s talk at the London International Animation Festival for the first time, but I thought I would have believed it was made by a child and empathised with the story if I find it on youtube.

About this project, he says

“…you’ve all proved one vitally important point: audiences don’t need polished, slick animation to find a story engaging. They are happy to follow the worst animated, worst designed and worst dubbed film of all time, and still laugh and cry and do all the things you do watching a so-called “high end” film.”

I think what he wanted to prove with this project apply to most of his work as well. For instance, one of his early work “RGB XYZ”

I’ve always interested in his work not only because of the way he uses 3D graphics in his animation but his perversity, and knowing about this project made me interested in his work more.



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