A Child’s Metaphysics – Koji Yamamura


In this animated short “A Child’s Metaphysics”, Koji Yamamura represents the crazy imagination of children with his unique animation style and reminds us what it is to be a child.

This is composed with a series of very short animations, and each animation has a different child in it.  One child’s head is filled with numbers, another’s head turned into a giant book, another child forces their sad face turn into a smily face, another catches their own tears in a glass and put it inside their body, another character has an endless zipped mouth and can’t say anything, while another child tries to fit into a different shapes that is getting smaller.

Children are the constant subject in his animation. He has published many children book,  he has made some animation for children, and in his masterpiece , “Kafka’s A Country Doctor”, there is a sick boy who wants to die.

Koji Yamamura is one of my favourite Japanese animators of all time. He is probably known for his award-winning film “Mt. Head”.  However, in this animation “A Child’s Metaphysics” with his such a simple style, he made me realise this is what only animation can do.