time is moving too fast

The Children’s Society Project was launched just after the Easter holiday. We’ve done pitches to the Children’s Society, finished storyboarding, and next week we are going to show them our finished animatics. This is the first time I make an animated short film properly and everything we’ve done so far is so new to me. It’s also challenging because we’re not just making animations for yourself but the client! I feel like time is moving so fast for the past few weeks.

My 1-min audio that has been given by The Children’s Society was about how they are helping the young people in the organization which is narrated by one of the workers. Since there is no any story in the audio, I thought this would be quite easy at the beginning. (It was not) I was thinking about how I can convey this audio with my animation in an effective way during the holiday and came up with this idea of making the young people in the film gigantic. This is a drawing of my really initial idea I did for send to The Children’s Society.

I’m not going to write the whole synopsis of my film here, but I was very relieved when I got replied from them which said they really liked my idea.

Last Monday, we showed our rough animatic in front of the class and the tutors. It was really really good to see what everyone’s working on and the ideas I saw on the pitches have started to look like films! I’m extremely nervous about my own film and wishing I could stop the time for a while, on the other hand, I can’t wait to see everyone else’s completed films in 7weeks time.