My Very First Showreel

Here is my very first animation showreel I made with mainly from the animation exercises from 1 year unit 1. I made this for applying for internships in the summer holiday, and also for a self-reflection when I finished the term. It was a good opportunity for me to think about what I’ve learned so far since I started this course,and style has developed. It has been such a busy term that I did not have time to revisit my work.  The oldest animation I did in this showreel is the polar bear walk cycle I have put in the end. The latest animation is probably the under water animation with a lot of sea creatures I did for the second year student Ines’s grad film. I want to believe I improved..


Benji Davies, The Colours of Childhood

I am in love with the work of Benji Davis, He is one of the reasons I wish to work in the UK. His characters and concepts work so well in animation, mostly because of the colour he uses. Davies works mainly digitally, that allows him to really control his colour palette. My favourite book of his must be Grandpa’s Island and it is the most colourful book he has ever done which is quite particular because Grandpa’s Island mostly talks about the grief of the little boy after his grandfather passed away. Here is an animated trailer for his latest book The Storm Whale in Winter: