Satoshi Kon, Millennium Actress

The end of the last month, I went to a screening of an animated film called Millennium Antress (Sennen joyû, 2001) directed by Satoshi Kon one of the greatest anime directors of all time.


The animation in his films is always breathtakingly realistic.  However, the storytelling in this film is standing out from any of other animated films.

It is about the life story of a legendary actress Fujiwara Chiyoko who retired more than thirty years ago, told to a documentarian that decides to make a documentary about her.

Kon’s story is always told in a way where the line between reality and fantasy are blurred. This film is not an exception, the line between events of Chiyoko’s real life and scenes from her films is blurred and complex. What makes this film more interesting is that when the scene shift into Chiyoko’s past, the interviewer and his camera man also walk around in her past and interacting with people.

This is a film that probably could never work as a live action film because of the seamless changes between reality, memory and films and the transformation between a girl, a young women into an old woman.

The another remarkable point of this film for me is the running scene of the main character. There are a lot of different running scenes of her in this film as she is always finding the man she loves. I find the animation absolutely beautiful.

London Film Festival weekend

The one of the favourite things in London for me is that there are lot of film festivals that take place throughout the year. Last weekend, I saw three animated films at the London Film Festival. One of them was the Cartoon Saloon’s latest film The Breadwinner.

This film is about a girl called Parvana and her family in Afghanistan in the early 2000s.

I love every Cartoon Saloon’s movie and I was so excited to see their new film. From their films I always can learn cultures, people, and the world I did not know through the films. More than just a fantasy story.

I also loved the beautiful visuals in the animation. Especially the style they used for a story which Parvana tells to her baby brother.